Station projects: NWTC

With NWTV, we helped tackle the problem of collecting track information from multiple computers that are doing different things.

(Photo of NWTC)

NWTC has a dual Radiologick, track-sending system.

  1. Automation Computer: Outside of the studio, a Radiologick automation computer played automated music constantly. It also sent the current track information (the metadata: artist, title, ...) to their stream provider: WaveStreaming.

  2. Live Computer: Inside the studio, the live DJ computer also ran RadioLogick.

In order to make this system "fool proof" for the DJs who use the studio, this system was designed so that

Live DJs just "fade down" the automation music, and fade up their own live mixing whenever they come into the studio to do their live shows. This helped make the studio simpler.

Since the automation computer was never turned off and always kept rolling with randomized music, we needed to make sure that it didn't send track info (artist/title/etc. sent to their stream and Creek) whenever a Live DJ was on the air, which also sent track info. Else the track info "streams" would be wrong, and run into each other.

So we set them up with two things:

  • We developed a per-DJ API key system. Like a simple ACL (access control list), this allowed DJs to have an API key that only worked for their own shows. This was in early planning, but we completed the feature so that NWTC could use it.

    The automation system was given a username, Mr. Automation and we added it to all of the shows in the schedule that it should have access to: automation shows, not live DJ shows. This effectively filtered the track info.

  • We added an Icecast/Shoutcast stream metadata relay system. It sends the metadata received by Creek to your Icecast/Shoutcast server. However, again, it uses the per-use API key of the automation computer, so automation-computer track info isn't written out to external endpoints (the stream) when it's during a live DJ show.

Show Schedule + WordPress

Also, in order to help prevent extra work of maintaining the schedule in two places, we helped them install Creek's WordPress plugin. This added the show schedule, shows, and playlists to their website.