Creek + WordPress

Three years ago, we set out to help small radio stations by creating an easy and flexible radio platform. Now, to bring Creek to more stations, we’re building tools to integrate Creek with any website platform.

So today, we're announcing Creek's WordPress plugin, along with a closed beta for this project. We need stations to test it!

WordPress + Creek

This plugin adds all of the benefits of Creek to any new or existing WordPress website:

  • Presenting your radio content in a clean, modern way.
  • Eliminating hundreds of hours of difficult set-up work.
  • Building listenership — on all devices, even iPhone and Android.
  • ...and just making radio more fun!

Plus, maybe the best part: Starting with this project, we're building a radio website community — people helping each other build better radio websites. We want the websites of small radio stations to be competitive with bigger media outlets, so that their voices are heard. Join us to get notified when we open the doors on this community.

Anyway! Here’s what we managed to squeeze into this plugin:

Audio player

  • Creek's persistent audio player is integrated nicely with your website. No pop-up player!
  • Plays continuously while listeners browse your website. No interruptions!
  • Stream on any device: laptop, tablet, or mobile. Directly inside your web browser!

Audio Player

Shows and schedules

  • Complete with individual show pages, DJ profile pages, and air times.
  • Don’t let great content get hidden! Make discovering shows easy for your listeners.
  • Nicely formatted calendar and printable too!

Shows and schedules

Show archiver

  • Automatically record your shows and upload them to your website.
  • Your listeners will never miss a show again.
  • Bonus: audio plays through our persistent player.
  • We’re rolling this out later in the beta period.

Archives player.

Closed Beta

We are testing this WordPress platform in a closed beta with limited slots. Head over to our sign-up page to get on the access list!

If we select your station to participate, you will be able to use Creek for free during our beta period. All we ask is for feedback, and that you let us know of any glitches that you find.

The Creek project + WordPress

We are committed to building the best tools to help radio stations, podcasters, and DJ communities create better listener experiences. We want stations to spend more time creating amazingly creative shows, rather than poking around for hours in obscure software settings.

Our team has been building radio tools since 2010, working with 24+ stations, gathering feedback and building Creek into a stronger, more versatile platform. However, this WordPress plugin been our most exciting project yet, since it lets anybody start using Creek and building a great radio website in minutes.

If you already have a WordPress website — great! You’ll be able to install this plugin and get started right away.

Creek inside WordPress dashboard

Help is on the way

We’ve also created dozens of tutorials, walk-through videos, and how-to resources.

We show you how to:

  • Set up a streaming server (Icecast)
  • Add your own file storage (Amazon S3)
  • Connect Creek with automation software like RadioDJ, StationPlaylist, Simian, MegaSeg.
  • …the list goes on for a while — just hop over to our help articles to see everything.

Get on the list

Testing for the closed beta is available at no cost. Pricing and announcements on the way. Sign up now for access to the closed beta!

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